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Individual counselling

Individual Counselling – Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or simply feeling stuck? People seek counselling for a wide range of reasons. Some are looking for relief from persistent feelings of depression and anxiety. Some are seeking support as they bravely face difficult painful unresolved issues from their past/present. There are others who lives with and support someone suffering from mental and/or physical illness, they themselves are constantly living in high stress and need some space to just be themselves. Still there are others come searching for meaning and understanding of their lives or desiring spiritual growth and guidance. Whatever your reasons, you can be assured that Bethsaida Counselling journey with you from a place of being ‘stuck’ or held back by your emotions and past experience to pursue what you value most’. I will provide you with quality, best practice counselling services to support you in your quest for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being that will give you opportunities for growth, healing and finding new strengths while making new beginnings. Bethsaida’s approach to individual counselling draws from evidence-based interventions and a wide range of therapeutic models such as Creative Arts Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Neuropsychotherapy, Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques often combined with Solution Focus Brief Therapy, Humanistic-Existential, and psychodynamic therapy also known as insight-oriented therapy.

Individual counselling at Bethsaida can help you:

  • To heal and/or manage anxiety & depression related issues.
  • To heal and recover from trauma, abuse and/or childhood neglect.
  • To understand yourself and help you identify and change unhelpful, self-sabotaging thinking patterns and beliefs.
  • To identify the roots of addictive behaviour and support you in your recovery journey.
  • To increase your confidence and sense of identity and worth.
  • To gain insight and freedom from dysfunctional patterns
  • To identify your values and assist you in setting meaningful goals.
  • To learn and develop important skills such as assertiveness, negotiation and problem solving.
  • To understand your vulnerability to stress and learn relaxation and stress reduction techniques.
  • To adjust to difficult circumstances and make transitions more smoothly.
  • To build a richer, more meaningful life