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Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief and loss counselling – are you recovering from grief and/or adjusting to significant changes in your live? People commonly think of grief and loss in as death or bereavement, but often do not understand that grief and loss can include loss of a relationship; like in divorce, or loss of a ‘pictured’ life; like when life does not quit turn up the way you expected it to be. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. Yet, not everyone knows how to support a grieving person. Sometimes, they say things in the best intentions, but their words cut to the core and leave you feeling alone, misunderstood and isolated.  Often, you might not even know yourself what you need or want to hear. This can seem confusing, make you feel you are ‘lost in the woods’ – this is a normal process of grieving. Our society conditioned and expected us to get over our loss with time, to stay strong, to grieve alone, keep busy, not feel mad/sad/bad. We are even encouraged at times to ‘replace our loss’. All with the best intentions, but these approaches often leave us feeling ashamed, lost and trapped. To grieve effectively is often the opposite. We need to face our loss, brave ourselves enough to sit in the darkness, so that we can reach acceptance, find ways through the pain, heal, resolve, recover, and re-enter life with more joy and meaning. Sitting in the darkness alone can be excruciating, but it does not have to be. Human beings are made for connection and in order to heal, we need to reach out and stay connected. Never underestimate the power of reaching out.